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The artist on the bottle 

An art movement that associates an artist with a different label each year.


"The vintages are all different, they must be represented in a different way each year"


Davide Dargenio 


The wine is living substance, therefore an emotion to be transmitted together with art.

Vintage 19.jpg

The beginning of the dream

Vintage 2019

This label represents the beginning of my dream, this dark blue represents the night and the lava of Etna.

Homage and trasmission

Vintage 2020

This label is dedicated to my grandparents, who are no longer here.
They transmitted the passion for wine to me. 

Vintage 2020.jpg

Joe Hoster

Swiss-Lebanese Composer

For the vintage 2020  I paired his song "Jeu de scéne" with my wine.
The 2020 vintage was a sunny vintage with ripe fruit but high freshness.
I found this combination very interesting, creating an awakening of the senses.

Sogno Lavico

Vintage 2021

This label is created by the artist Alejandra Abad.

This painting is the fruit of her inspiration after a trip to this land.

sogno 2021.jpg

Alejandra Abad

Born in Ecuador and grew up in switzerland 

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